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Welcome to the website
We provide services to telecommunications operators, corporations with complex IT environments, and regulatory and govenment agencies.
Our company offers engineering and implementation of optimal and effective IP broadband networks based on copper and fiber technologies and different types of access (ADSL, VDSL, Ethernet, HSPA, ...).
Our services
  • Support in design, building, and operating the network, or act as consultant in any of these activities
  • Support in building a document and process management information system, based on your needs and internal organisation
  • Turnkey IPTV solution, which was built for an operator enviroment and has a proven track record in large implementations
  • Support in setting up your own VoIP services from any software/hardware vendor or can set it up for you
  • Set up provisioning systems for control over CPEs in a IP network enviroment
  • Assistance in designing and building your IP backbone, or we can build a reliable and fast backbone based on Ethernet transport and IP protocols
  • Consulting in building business models or preparation of these for you, for either incumbents or alternative operators, based on experience from both
  • Consult in telecommunications and media services marketing, based on experience from both an incumbent's or alternative operator's point of view.
Enterprises and large companies
  • Design, set up and management of your private LAN, WAN or MAN networks;
  • Design, set up and management of your private VoIP network and arranging connections to any one or more operators;
  • Analysis of your telecommunications expenses and optimisation of the services for the best price/performance, based on experiences from both incumbent and alternative operators.
  • We offer independent telecommunications market analysis;
  • We can prepare and monitor the upholding of regulatory actions in the field of telecommunications;
  • Consulting and support in working with telecommunications operators.
Published: 10.2.2014, 18:56; updated: 10.2.2014, 18:57